Dogs Drinking Gin and Tonics

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In this oil painting on canvas, Ginny and Tonic drink (what else?) Gin and Tonics.       Like what you see? You can always order your own through our Custom pet painting page.

Pug Painting

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Finally, a pug painting that captures the elan of this noble breed! Huge thanks to @jan_thepug from Sweden for starring in this dapper Splendid Beast pet portrait.  

Corgi Painting

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Best Corgi Painting ever?   Looking great in your tuxedo there, @tibbythecorgi! Or is *this* the best Corgi painting ever? Gronk barks and he knows things! Want your own custom Corgi painting? Wait no longer and order your own custom painting … Read More

Creating a Stress-Free Work Environment

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We’re big believers here at Splendid Beast that work should be enjoyable and stress-free. Obviously, that’s easy to say when your business is creating custom pet portraits. Even so, we think a lot of the values we hold and the … Read More

Rat Painting

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We created this oil painting of a pet rat based on our Floral Template!   Perhaps even more intriguing is the friendship the subject apparently had with a cat.  Here’s what the owner had to say. “The rat’s name was … Read More

French Bulldog Painting

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Here’s Ben’s dog Gizmo in his very own French bulldog painting. In this case, painted as The Czar Splendid Beast template. This was the original Czar painting for us! Long-time Splendid Beast fans will recognize this one from the top of … Read More

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