Corgi Painting

April 7, 2018

Best Corgi Painting ever?


Looking great in your tuxedo there, @tibbythecorgi!

Tuxedo Dog Painting of Tibby the Corgi from Instagram

Or is *this* the best Corgi painting ever? Gronk barks and he knows things!

corgi painting

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  1. Gronk the Corgi

    No… That is not even close to the best Corgi Painting ever. Please see the e-mail that was sent to everybody as an advertisement for Father’s Day. Once referenced, you will see my dog, also a corgi, who’s picture/painting (also commissioned by splendid beast) is the GREATEST CORGI PAINTING EVER.

    • Eagan Heath

      Thanks for your comment, Gronk! Adding yours here now!


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