Harry Potter Oil Paintings – Wizard dogs, witch cats, and magic, oh my!

March 5, 2021

Ever since the early days of Splendid Beast, the world of Hogwarts has been a constant inspiration. Harry Potter oil paintings have been a staple of ours for years now.

Here you’ll find our favorite examples of wizard cats, wizard dogs, witch cats..well you get the picture.

The Potter portrait early years

harry potter dog portrait

This is one of the original Harry Potter portrait requests from way back when. It later turned into our shop design, The Potter. The overall design has since changed only slightly and we now offer the same design for each Hogwarts House.

harry potter cat

Harry Potter cats, Harry Potter dogs, we’ve done them all.

harry potter dog

Our current Harry Potter dog / face of the aforementioned shop design. The Chosen Pup.

ravenclaw painting

Other Hogwarts Houses can be represented in the same design with few design changes needed. The standard Harry Potter portrait can become a Ravenclaw painting with nothing more than a new emblem and some changed colors. The bow is just for witch cat style points.

harry potter cat

A great example showing how we can change up the colors any way you like. A truly glorious and golden-clad Splendid cat wizard for the ages.

Customized Harry Potter oil paintings

dumbledore portrait

As time went on, we had customers want their Beast represented by other Potter characters and locations. Albarkus Dumbledog and Fawkes made fantastic subjects for a Dumbledore portrait.

dumbledore portrait

Dumble-Husky made for another amazing addition to the ranks of our Harry Potter oil paintings. You can never have enough wizard dogs, Headmaster wizard dogs, and Dumbledore portraits.

harry potter cats

Sometimes, Harry Potter cats just want to hang out in the Hogwarts library.

harry potter cats

But other times, those Harry Potter cats will fight pixies and lounge around in the Defense Against the Dark Arts room. Still though, you can never have enough witch and wizard cats.

harry potter cat

The term Harry Potter cats can certainly sometimes be taken a bit more literally. Certain freeze-frames of the wizard cat can make for some of the best Harry Potter portraits.

snape portrait

One of our absolute favorites, this Snape portrait along with his doe Patronus. Definitely one of the most Splendid of all the Harry Potter cats..and not a wizard cat you want to cross.

harry potter dog

Of course, it’s tough to beat Harry Potter oil paintings that are also a book cover and include a delicious pun.

When it comes to pet paintings, we’re definitely the ones you want. But then add Harry Potter into the mix? Who else could you ask for?

Send us an email at [email protected] if you’re interested in commissioning your own customized, magical Harry Potter pet portrait. The Potter shop design is available for order at any time.

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