Rat Painting

Rat Portrait with floral background

January 7, 2018

We created this oil painting of a pet rat based on our Floral Template!


Rat painting portrait by Splendid Beast

Perhaps even more intriguing is the friendship the subject apparently had with a cat.  Here’s what the owner had to say.

“The rat’s name was Butter and the cat’s name is Margarine. Butter wasn’t a traditional rat, she didn’t live in a cage and she had free reign of the house so she and Margarine could play and cuddle. We got Margarine as a kitten so he grew up with Butter as his older sister. Butter taught Margarine everything (even how to open the cabinets and crawl up to the hidden treats). Butter and Margarine spent most of their time together: play time, grooming, walks, naps, etc. It was a special friendship. We decided to get a painting done of Butter after she passed. Margarine definitely keeps all of the weird habits and has since befriended a squirrel that visits our apartment’s balcony.”

Rat hanging out with a cat


Have a cute rodent of your own? We’d love to paint them!

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