Cat Paintings

Cat paintings, come and get them! Here you can view a voluminous variety of splendidly festive and fantastic felines. If you’re looking to commission a cat painting based on your own beloved fur-ball, then you’ve come to the right place!

Our business is making your cat look splendid in a handmade oil painting on canvas. You can commission completely custom work or select from one of our many Popular Scenes. It is our aim to bring your exact vision to life – in paint!

Already have an idea for the perfect cat portrait? Tell us! 

cat painting of thor
iron man painting pet portrait
kylo ren cat painting

Some beasts are marvelous heroes and villains.

the birth of venus cat painting
golden framed cat painting
fancy cat painting

While other beasts are splendidly refined.

Don’t need a funny cat painting with a fancy costume? Then check out our No Costume Designs. We also have a Photo to Painting option if you already have the perfect picture you want to recreate in paint. Splendid Beast cat paintings know no bounds. The only limit is your imagination!

princess cat portrait
hamlet cat portrait
cat portrait splendid beast
walter white cat portrait

But all beasts are purr-fect in their own way.

cat painting photo to paint recreation
no costume cat painting filigree
cat painting

 Not all cat paintings need a costume to be splendid.

fancy cat with hat painting
sid vicious cat painting
cat pilot painting
rent musical cat painting

No idea is too far fetched.

You can see even more cat painting updates (and other Splendid pets) regularly on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages. Give us a visit and a follow!

fancy cat portrait
2 fancy cats portrait
framed portrait of napoleon cat

Some cat paintings command more respect.

close up cat artwork oil paint
czar cat art
Spaceboy cat painting
mona lisa painting with cats

Teeming with detail and color.

abstract cat bowling painting
cat painting with kiwis
scooby doo cat artwork
harry potter cat paintings
puss in boots cat painting
beatles cat painting
cat in hogwarts library artwork
jungle cat painting

The possibilities are endless.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to bless your walls with your own Splendid, custom made cat painting!

What makes your feline fantastic?

Tell us all about your furry companions – we’d love to know!

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