How It Works

Step One: Realize you need an oil painting of your pet(s)

We’ve all felt it – that sneaking suspicion that something is missing from our lives.

I’d like something awesome..

I’m awesome. What about something Splendid?

Step Two: Commission your art and send high-quality images

Browse our awesome selection of shop designs. Choose one that is right for your pet(s) or commission a completely custom masterpiece!

Why, this is perfect..

After purchase, you’ll be able to upload up to 5 photos of your pet(s). Forward-facing images taken in daylight with a modern smartphone or digital camera are best. We’ll then create a digital mock-up for you to approve before we start painting.


Step Three: Have patience for true art.

It takes approximately 8 weeks to produce each customized oil painting and ship it to your home. Get a haircut, take a nap- whatever you like. We’ll handle things from here and send you an image of the drying painting when it’s ready.

Magic is creating something from nothing..


Step Four: Show off your high taste.

(About 8 weeks later) Enjoy awesome, 100% original artwork customized to celebrate the beast you love most. Show your friends and family. Post on social media to let everyone know you’re a high-minded patron of the pet arts!