Huge Paintings

What better way to honor your furry friends than with a giant oil painting? Sometimes the smaller sizes just aren’t enough splendor for the living room wall – large spaces require large oil paintings. We love to work on huge paintings, so just let us know what you’re looking for – any size & idea is possible!

Already have an idea for the perfect dog portrait? Tell us!

huge cat oil painting
big painting with person comparison

This giant painting featuring a beautiful black cat is one of the largest we’ve ever produced, boasting a commanding presence at 38″ x 50″!

giant painting of princess of wales dog
huge painting of dog aristocrat
large oil painting marie antoinette cat
huge painting landscape of czar dog

Our existing designs can easily be sized up to become huge paintings that still capture that classic Splendid Beast look. With or without costumes.

These first four examples here are 24″ x 36″..

The next few are 36″ x 48″ behemoths!


huge painting of dog with light blue background
huge dog czar painting
large painting of napoleon dog

Huge Custom Paintings

Of course, we’ve made a number of customized huge paintings as well. Custom work is primarily what we do and it’s always a joy to translate that into giant paintings. The imagination and thoughtfulness put into the ideas by our customers is truly amazing.

cerro gordo the american hotel bar painting size comparison
Cerro Gordo The American Hotel bar giant painting

In 2021, we were honored to work on a unique project for Brent Underwood, the owner and sole citizen of the ghost town, Cerro Gordo, CA.

You can learn about Cerro Gordo, Brent’s adventures, and much more on his YouTube channel, Ghost Town Living. We’re very excited to see the painting behind the bar of the rebuilt American Hotel someday.

large oil painting of a dog with crown
huge painting of president dog
huge painting of dog with crown
big painting of four dogs
huge painting of cats dogs horses playing poker

Large painting for your living room?

Look no further. We can customize your commission to any size you need. Huge painting? No problem. An absolutely enormous painting? Let’s do it! We’ll produce pieces that would paint Michelangelo green with envy.

large oil painting of Self-Portrait with Straw Hat with cat
giant painting of cats in a hogwarts libraray
joan of arc dog large painting

Huge Poker Paintings

We’re no strangers to poker-playing-pets! All based off the popular painting by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge, “A Friend in Need“, we’ve made quite a few huge paintings featuring fierce poker fights. The larger the painting, the more beasts that can join the battle!

square giant painting of poker dogs
big painting of dogs and cat playing poker
large painting of dogs and cats playing poker
nine pets playing poker in huge painting with gold frame

What are you waiting for? Use the contact form below and we’ll start bringing your wildest dreams to life in a huge painting worthy of your Splenid Beast!

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