The Most Splendid Beasts of 2021

January 9, 2022

A gigantic thank you to all of our customers over the past year. Covid has affected everyone and we really appreciate those who were able to make a commission to help us create this Best of 2021 list. 

We’re very proud of the works we’ve created over the past year and it was difficult to narrow it down to this still quite long list. Consider this just a sample of some of our favorites from throughout the year!

Favorite Shop Designs

We’ll start with some of our favorites that used designs that can be found here in our shop.

Favorite Photo to Painting Recreations

One of our most popular options that we’ve added is our Photo to Painting Recreations. We worked on quite a few of them this year, but here’s a small selection of our favorites.

Favorite Unique Pieces

There are always some pieces that we work on that are a bit more unique. Sometimes in terms of size, sometimes in subject.

the american hotel bar painting cerro gordo

This year, we were honored to be able to work on a unique project for one Brent Underwood. He is currently the owner and sole citizen of the ghost town Cerro Gordo located in California. You can learn more about his story, adventures, and Cerro Gordo on his YouTube channel, Ghost Town Living.

Early on in his days of ownership, there was unfortunately a fire that consumed several buildings. This painting, painted by a former local named Sylvia Winslow, was lost in that fire. It was prominently displayed behind the bar of The American Hotel and was absolutely the centerpiece of the room.

Since then, rebuilding efforts for the hotel have begun. After some painstaking Photoshop work, we were able to recreate the picture from Brent’s videos. Our talented painters then got to work and the result is what you see above. We hope to see it displayed behind the bar of The American Hotel again some day.

This was also our first ever opportunity to paint some domestic pigs!

Of course, we’ll never pass up the chance to paint a Splendid toddler conductor.

We also worked on some glorious and gigantic square paintings! 

Favorite Poker Designs

The poker-playing-pets are always a popular request, and something that we have a lot of experience with too! 

Favorite Custom Pieces

These are always the most difficult to pick. Most of the work we do is from custom requests – and the imagination of people is truly endless. We’ve brought some absolutely outrageous ideas to life and we’re pleased to share them with you in this final medley of masterpieces!

We’ll end with a few of our favorite and golden-framed works. Thanks again to everyone that commissioned a painting from us in 2021. We look forward to creating more masterpieces this year!

As the saying goes, “Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life”. We hope you’ve enjoyed our picks for the Best of 2021. We’ll see you next year for another slew of fantastic paintings!

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