Washington Crossing the Delaware

Check out this awesome painting of the famous @puffin_gram as the brave, victorious General Washington from the American Revolutionary War. This work is based on a portion of Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze’s classic oil painting, Washington Crossing the Delaware. The heroic cat starring in this custom pet portrait fears neither the bark nor bite of the Hessians, but he would prefer to stay dry and avoid the frigid currents of the Delaware River.

Cat painting - Washington Crossing the Delaware - Splendid Beast

Washington Crossing the Delaware again..with dogs!

As one can imagine, this isn’t exactly a very high in-demand request. However, some years after the cat version above, we had another intrepid customer that wanted to commission their canines in the same scene.

washington crossing the delaware with 2 dogs

We want your furry companions to be the main focus of these paintings, so custom edits like zooming in on your pets a bit is no problem whatsoever. If you want to commission a version featuring your own splendid beasts, check out our custom page and reach out! You can also get free shipping on your first order by subscribing to our newsletter below.

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