Your Golden-Years Guide for Caring for Senior Pets

Caring for old pets

January 18, 2019

Guest post by Nick Burton

Whether you’ve been together for a decade, or you’ve just become new friends, living with a senior pet takes a special heart. But it can also take some special care to keep your aging pet comfortable. Use these tips to ensure your senior pet enjoys life to the fullest.

Help Your Pet Live With Achy Joints

For many senior pets, one of the most pressing health concerns is joint pain. Arthritis is a common issue with senior pets, but there are quite a few effective ways you can help your aging pet find pain relief. One of the most promising new treatments for joint pain and inflammation is CBD. CBD oil can also aid with other pet health problems, such as itchy skin and anxiety, so it could be a big boost for your senior pet’s quality of life. Use this CBD buying guide, which contains details on the top 10 CBD oils available in 2019, to figure out whether this natural remedy is right for your pet’s needs.

Be sure to check in with your vet as well before starting any arthritis therapies or treatments for your pet. Your vet may recommend certain pain medications to help your pet maintain their quality of life, or supplementing your pet’s diet with glucosamine and chondroitin to keep their joints strong. If you want to really pamper your senior pet, you can also try giving them a therapeutic massage. Start with gentle pets around problematic areas, working the pressure up to kneading and rubbing which can help relax stiff joints and muscles.

Learn to Deal With Senior Digestive Issues

Aside from joint pain, many senior pets also tend to experience more frequent stomach issues as they age. The best way to resolve these sensitive-stomach and digestive issues is to look for a food that is better suited to your aging pet’s needs. You can check out sensitive-stomach dog foods that can keep your pet’s tummy feeling well. Many options are also made to help your pup maintain a healthy weight, which can be another common health issue for senior pets who may not be as active as they once were. Some tasty treat options for your senior dog can also keep health issues from bringing them down. Look for softer treats that are more gentle on older teeth and that contain beneficial ingredients to help your pet’s coat, joints, stomach, and bladder.

For many senior pet owners, getting older dogs to eat their food can be a challenge. Once you’ve ruled out any underlying health problems, you can try switching their pet food, or you can even cook for senior dogs. Prepare dishes using healthy meats, veggies, and dog-friendly grains to make sure your senior pet is getting all of the vitamins and nutrition needed to stay healthy, happy, and strong.

Look for Ways to Keep Your Senior Pet Healthy

When you are trying to keep your pet healthy, at any age, you should never overlook the importance of good oral health. Just like people, pets need to have their teeth brushed and cleaned to keep them in proper condition, and just like people, poor pet dental care can lead to more serious problems with their overall health, especially for senior pets.

Another important step you can take to keep your senior pet healthy is to keep them active as they age. Regular physical exercise is important for sustaining a healthy body weight and keeping joints functioning. Senior dogs enjoy outside walks just as much as younger pups do, but you can also look into swimming as a therapeutic form of exercise for arthritic and aging pets. If time is keeping you from keeping your dog active, you may also want to think about using a dog walker to help exercise your senior pet. Look around for a dog walker that is willing to go at your older pet’s pace, and who may be willing to dispense medications needed to keep your senior pup from feeling pain after exercise.

You know your senior pet is special. So give your older pet the care, comfort, and love that will keep them healthy and happy for years to come.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

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