How to Improve Your Dog’s Coat and Skin

Happy Skin, Happy Coat, Happy Dog

See these tips on how to improve your dog’s coat and skin. You feed one end, pick up after the other end, and pet, tickle, and play with all the wiggly parts in between. But all aspects of your dog need care, including their coat. A shiny coat of soft fur is a great sign that your dog is healthy and all the petting, snuggles, & belly rubs are a nice perk too.

A dog’s coat reflects it’s health. Some breeds differ, but in general, a shiny coat is a good sign. Beneath a good coat, you’ll find healthy skin, soft and supple and free of excess oil and flakes. Dull fur that feels coarse to the touch can be a sign of unhealthy conditions. A poor coat can also be a sign of a food allergy or a vitamin deficiency.

Sometimes if they are recovering from an illness or injury, a dog’s immune system may be out of balance. Thankfully, healthy food and a number of safe, vet-approved products may help. A poor coat might be a sign that it’s time to give your dog a bath, especially if your furry friend gets a lot of outdoor time.

Dirt and Your Dog’s Skin

The average person has about 22 square feet of skin. Look at your dog and do the math..or don’t, because that’s hard. However, it’s not hard to understand that anything in your pet’s environment can reach its skin. Active dogs may roll around in things that are hard to identify and can smell terrible. It’s hard for pet owners to know everything their dog gets into, especially if they’ve just moved to a new home.

Most of the dirt your dog will encounter will likely be of the regular variety, meaning it washes off with soap and water. Sometimes the dirt needs a little help and you might try vet-approved products like shampoo and conditioner. Your fur friends need their own special fur products, so be sure to ask about them!

Dogs Need Baths and Coats Need Brushing

Bathing and brushing are essential activities. For most breeds, this should be done regularly. Dogs with thick fur and oily skin usually require more frequent bathing and brushing. You can bathe a dog too often, which can lead to problems like dry, flaking skin. Check with your vet to see how often your fur-ever friend should go in the tub, and pay close attention to their skin.

Some dogs like brushing and some hate it. But like brushing your teeth, it’s important for good health. Brushing improves your dog’s coat by removing dead fur and skin and helping to distribute oils throughout the coat. How you brush, with the coat, or with and against the coat, depends on the dog. Some breeds require brushing in the direction of growth, and others need brushing in the direction of growth and against it to loosen up all the underlying dead fur.

How to improve your dog’s coat and skin – Brushing is key!

The frequency of brushing is important. Some dogs, like those with thick and curly coats, need daily brushing. Some dogs, too, experience seasonal changes in their coat that might need  special attention. If you’re unsure how often to brush, you should check with a veterinarian. They can help you determine the best way to brush and the best brushes to use on your dog. Different breeds have different needs, so it’s important to learn what is best.

Every dog owner wants to keep their little furbaby healthy and happy for a long time, so pay close attention to their skin while you bathe and brush. Be alert for ticks and fleas. If you notice your dog scratching the same spot over and over, look at the skin closely. Is it red or does it feel warm? Vet-approved products may help soothe minor skin irritations and make your four-legged buddy more comfortable. Then the skin can heal before it turns into a bald spot or a hot spot.

Some dogs do well with a follow-up treatment like coat conditioner. These products are designed to enhance and protect the coat and soothe the skin underneath. Don’t use products intended for humans on dogs since they can be toxic to your furbaby! You should only use vet-approved products and not anything labeled otherwise!

How Can I Tell If I Waited Too Long to Wash My Dog?

The coat will look dull and might feel brittle, stiff, or maybe greasy. Excessive shedding can be a sign bath time is overdue. Other signs include:

  • 1. Unwholesome odor
  • 2. You are approached to cast your dog in a horror movie
  • 3. Your dog is mistaken for the Plague Horse of the Apocalypse (for large dogs)
  • 4. Your dog is mistaken for El Chupacabra (for small dogs)

Once you know you have a dirty-dog problem, you should address it quickly. Wash the dog, brush the dog, and maybe follow up with a little spritz of the vet-approved doggy product. Following this routine and all of these tips on how to improve your dog’s coat and skin can make a big improvement in the look and feel of your four-legged buddies.

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