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Many pet owners allow their dogs to hop on the furniture without thinking twice about it. However, if you don’t keep dogs off the couch, your pooch can easily tear a hole in the upholstery with it’s claws or teeth unintentionally. If the furniture is old, you may not mind, but if you just bought a new couch, a rip in the material may just tear a hole in your heart. It’s painful to see Fido destroy something you just spent your hard-earned money on. Especially if you want your new sofa to last for years to come!

Not wanting your pup on the couch doesn’t make you a bad pet parent; it simply means you want your furniture to last longer. The following tips will help you learn how to keep dogs off the couch.

Give Your Dog an Alternative Resting Area

Just because you don’t want your dog on the furniture doesn’t mean you can’t give them a pet bed of their own. If your pooch has a place to get comfortable, they’re much less likely to sack out on the sofa. To really sweeten the deal, consider giving your pup a toy or an interactive puzzle feeder to keep them content and encourage them to regularly hang out on their bed.

If your dog wants to be near you while you’re sitting on the sofa, pull their bed close. Your pup will be satisfied knowing you’re right there to give out belly scratches as needed. Can you picture your pooch lying on its back, in its cutest pose, right at your feet? Make sure you capture your pup’s perky personality on camera, so you can turn this special memory into a dog painting for your wall.

Occasionally, your pup may try to creep its way onto the couch to sit with you. Be ready for this behavior by utilizing dog training tips and techniques. Use verbal cues, such as “off” to keep your pooch at bay. When your dog gets off the couch, reward them with a tasty treat to reinforce this good conduct.

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Keep Dogs Off the Couch When You’re Not Home

Dogs can be sneaky. If given a chance, your pooch may take a snooze on the couch when no one is home and hop back down when it hears your car in the driveway. To ensure your pup isn’t being mischievous while you’re away, consider blocking off the room with a baby gate. You can also try flipping the couch cushions so they’re standing up. This can help to deter your pooch from climbing on the furniture.

Stay Consistent

If you want your pup to listen, you must maintain a consistent plan. You can’t allow your pooch to jump up on the couch one day and refuse to let it up the next, as doing so will confuse your dog.

Additionally, everyone in the household needs to abide by the same rules. Make sure each person knows what your dog can and can’t do. If everyone treats your pooch the same and addresses behavioral problems abruptly, your pup will be on the road to success in no time.

Luckily, there are several ways to teach your pooch proper furniture etiquette. Every dog is different; what works for one may not be an appropriate solution for the next. Some learn quickly and are eager to please their owners. Others may take a little longer to listen and will require extra attention. As long as you stay consistent and reward the behaviors you want from your dog, your pup will be able to learn any trick in addition to staying off the couch.

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