Space Cat Art – Paintings in Space!

Space Cat art has basically been a staple of the internet since the internet was a thing. We’ve had a lot of Astronauts blast off from our pet painting shop designs, sometimes with or without a space suit. We’ve also had plenty of custom space designs come through over the years. The end result from all this is, of course, Space Cats! Here we will celebrate and showcase a bit of our favorite Space Cat art that we’ve created.

We recently finished a new Space Cat, @spaceboyirl‘s BonBon! You can see Spaceboy and BonBon live here on

Spaceboy influencer space cat painting

Of course, there’s no shortage of space-y backgrounds for these Space Cats. Here’s another more vintage Space Cat of ours that we call, The Space Cadet.

space cadet pet painting

This next Space Cat-det doesn’t seem very amused to be stuffed into a suit.

space cadet painting

Timeless Splendid Beast Space Cat Art

Space Cat paintings have been produced by us since some of the very earliest days of Splendid Beast. Here are some of our favorite space cats from previous years:

space cat head in space

This Splendid space cat even paid us another visit!

cat with cat painting splendid beast

space painting of cat

cat in space with nebula painting

cat in space paintings

space cats pet painting

Another classic Space Cat from the way back when days of even worse cameras. The amount of detail can still shine through it, though.

space cat art

Unfortunately, some of our earliest Space Cat art wasn’t framed or captured very well on camera. Regardless, this regal space-faring feline remains as our earliest example of a true Space Cat painting. Truly, a cat ahead of his time.

space cat art pet painting

These starry eyed kitties may not quite measure up to brave Félicette, the first cat in space (cat astronaut?), but they still do pretty well! Not many have the nine lives to spare to go into space without a suit.

Ready for your own space cat art? Immortalize your own feline friend from our list of no costume pet painting shop designs! We also have a plethora of costumed designs to pick from too!

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