Star Wars Paintings

star wars painting

March 25, 2022

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… the fate of the galaxy rested in the paws of these splendid pets. Here you can see some of our favorite Star Wars paintings featuring a lot of splendid, furry friends. Some of the best custom movie paintings to come out of Splendid Beast were inspired by Star Wars and it’s many characters.

Single Subject Star Wars Portraits

We’ll start off with some classic, instantly recognizable Darth Vader paintings. You don’t want to get on the bad side of these beasts, cuddly as they may seem..

star wars portrait darth vader dog darth vader cat darth vader dog

Of course, we’re no stranger to Jedi paintings either. Some of the greatest Star Wars paintings come from these lightsaber-wielding warriors.

star wars painting with dog jedi

yoda dog portrait on dagobah star wars painting of dog as jedi star wars dog as a jedi jedi art with dog dog with painting as yoda dog as yoda portrait with comparison

Sometimes the Star Wars art comes straight from movie stills..other times it comes from our splendid patrons’ wildest imaginations.

jar jar binks painting with dog star wars painting of dog podracing star wars painting of han solo dog framed han solo portrait with dog before and after

This would simply be incomplete if we didn’t have at least a couple of Ewok paintings to show off too!

star wars painting of dog as ewok Ewok Dog star wars

Not every beast is so cuddly, however. Some of these Star Wars paintings command and expect respect.

star wars painting kylo ren cat grand admiral thrawn painting as dog star wars cat as director krennic with cat and owner star wars cat as director krennic

Multi-Subject Star Wars Paintings

The splendor of some of these ideas can’t be captured in a portrait of a single beast. Sometimes, more beasts are needed to complete the perfect Star Wars art. Sharp eyes may recognize the Star Wars cats in the cover photo (and below) from the Splinter of the Mind’s Eye comic book.

splinter of the mind's eye star wars wall art with cats star wars artwork with cats leia and chewbacca dogs star wars dogs chewie and leia star wars dogs leia and han solo portrait two cats dueling with lightsabers

Custom Poster Paintings

Some of our favorite custom artwork that we have the joy of working on is movie poster scenes. We’ve created a couple of fantastic Star Wars poster portraits in our time and hope to create more soon!

star wars painting poster star wars cats painting

Is this not the cuddliest, most interesting, and probably weirdest Star Wars art on the internet? Well, as they is in the eye of the beholder.

Ready to commission your own custom Star Wars art? Feel free to send us an email at any time with your wildest ideas!

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